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The automotive industry represents a large part of the customer base and we believe to provide the highest quality solution for our customers. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and help you succeed in the market – this mission makes our customers trust.
Our team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide the most information for the car, including interior models, grille, headlights, taillights, processed acrylic or stereoscopic light, lighting and sports. Good solution
Mastars experienced staff has a wealth of first-hand experience to meet the needs of customers on the most demanding timetable.

automotive industry

Automotive Sample

technical parts for thermal system
Technical parts for thermal system

Use moldflow simulation the deformation, mold design according moldflow analysis, improve cooling system and injection gate location, keep  safety steel during mold manufacture, three loops modification can meet to drawing specification.

technical parts for air venting system
Technical parts for air venting system

Technical parts for air venting system, one hydraulic cylinder use for core move out, all sides sliders which parting line need to not exceed to 0.02mm, to be control within 0.02mm parting line during production.

cosmetic products for interior lighting
Cosmetic products for interior lighting

Cosmetic products for interior lighting, mirror polish, no flow line, no ejector marks.

cosmetic parts for interior panel
Cosmetic parts for interior panel

Cosmetic parts for interior panel, no flow lines allowed, design several gate type, use moldflow simulation to compare the data, find the best option of gate type.

Mold Workshop

High precision mold manufacture rely on high precision machine, constant temperature and humidity workshop, precision inspection machine and rich experience technicians.
Nowdays we build 1000 sq.m air conditioning workshop, to make sure components manufacture will not be affected by the environment.
High precision manufacture machines including OKUMA high speed machining centre which original from Japan, FANUC CNC machining centre, AgieCharmilles EDM machine from original Switzerland, Okamoto Grinding machines from Japan, the processing precision can meet to 0.005mm.
Besides manufacture machines, precision inspection equipments also critical for the tool, we invested HEXAGON CMM measurement machine, NIKON projectors, Mircroscope, the measurement precision can meet to 0.002mm.
Now our workshop can process all the machining unless surface finish.

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