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We focus on industrial prototyping / plastic & metal part manufacturing / engineering innovation. It can flexibly meet the diverse needs of different customers across the global and their pursuit of high-speed innovation. Mastars provide one stop manufacturing solution from prototyping to mass production.


We focus on industrial prototyping/plastic & metal part manufacturing/engineering innovation. It can flexibly meet the diverse needs of different customers across the globe and their pursuit of high-speed innovation. Mastars provide one stop manufacturing solution from prototyping to mass production

Prototyping &Engineering

Get viable product design come true, flex-tested, improved and optimized by prototyping and engineering.


Build your product with quality, efficiency and responsibility. Integrated one stop manufacturing solutions make work simple and you can enjoy the easy life.


Speed up across team operations. Be quick but do not hurry. Deliver things earlier than expected. Shipped yesterday ,not today ,or even tomorrow.


Strong project management team make things happen on time and as requirements exactly in low risk, cost effective and proactive way.


Tap into the technologies we research, source and invest in, even think over one more new possible solution, processing and method to sort out the problem.


Why Work With Us

Provide full supply chain to support from prototyping to mass production, combined the professional skills and benefits of engineering, manufacturing, project management, new technologies and core team. Just relax when work with Mastars.

Make life simple

To identify and minimize all possible high risks before trim is the most important, which ensure the project always run on schedule as expected. No surprise, no compromise. Delivery on time is the promise of Mastars.

Speed time to schedule

Full process control is defined strictly, PPAP, ISIR, PDCA practices make sure the team works in the right way from sketch to scale. Satisfy customers to survive only, exceed customers’ needs then go further. Quality is more than reputation for Mastars.

Ensure excellence in quality

How We’re Different

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Mastars Headquarters

Add: Building 6,Blue Sky Industrial Park, Ditang Road,
Shajing Town, Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China (518104)
Tel: +86 755-8821 0689
Fax: +86 755-8821 0685

UK Office

Add: Wishingtons Porkellis Helston TR13 0LB United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 (0) 1326 340528
Mobile: +44 (0) 7973 233 483

Canada Office

Add: 1A 4620 Manilla Road SE, Calgary, Alberta  T2G 4B7,Canada
Mobile: +1 403-560-2572

Denmark office

Add: Sønderskovvej 14 . DK-8520 Lystrup
Tel: +45 87 41 23 87
Fax: +45 30 73 63 92

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