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CNC Machining Parts

Mastars Rapid CNC Machining Service

We provide a variety of precision CNC machining services that includes milling, turning and surface grinding. Whether you’re designing parts that demand high volumes or only running trials with prototypes for low-volume production, our CNC machining services are available to avail you iterative development with quick turnaround and consistency in quality. Both of these processes CNC Turning and CNC Milling are designed to achieve specific aims in manufacturing from jigs and fixtures to parts with cylindrical properties, holes, slots and grooves.

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CNC Milling Service

We offers a range of CNC Milling processes to produce precise and complex parts with high-dimensional tolerances:

  • Carving Machine
  • CNC Three-Axis
  • CNC Four-Axis
  • CNC Five-Axis
  • Milling Machine / End Milling / Gantry Milling
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CNC Turning Service

Our CNC turning process is highly optimized for the production of end-use production parts and customized models. With the aid of our CNC Lathe and live tooling additions, we achieve the machining of features such as grooves, flats, radial holes, axial and slots in as fast as 24 hours.

  • General Car/Lathe
  • CNC Car
  • Vertical Lathe
  • Metal: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel (17-4, inconel 625 & 718), Magnesium, Titanium, Zinc, Brass, Bronze, Copper
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Tolerance Lever Overall Dimension Range
 Specifications  <<3, >0.5 <<6, >3  <<30, >6 <<120, >30  <<400, >120 <<1000, >400 <<2000, >1000
Tolerance Standard 
F  ±0.05  ±0.05  ±0.1  ±0.15  ±0.2  ±0.3  ±0.5
M  ±0.1 ±0.1 ±0.2  ±0.3 ±0.5  ±0.8 ±1.2
C ±0.2  ±0.3  ±0.5  ±0.8 ±1.2 ±2  ±3
V  – ±0.5 ±1  ±1.5 ±2.5 ±4 ±6
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Mastars Products Wall

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Related Prototyping Service

Rapid CNC Machining Relevant Industries


Automation and Robot manufacturers are using advanced manufacturing processes to quickly prototype.

Electronic Product

At Mastars , our team of experts have worked alongside designers and engineers for decades to bring inventive


Mastars is a full-service provider of enclosures for Scientfic equipment.

Further Reading of Rapid CNC Machining

7 Advantages of CNC Machining for Rapid Prototyping

It is an effective way to solve the problems of variable parts, small batches, complex shapes, and high precision, and to achieve high-efficiency and automated processing.

Popular FAQs About Rapid CNC Machining

What is CNC Machining?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC is a term generally used for various machining applications. Therefore, CNC is a computerized manufacturing process where the pre-programmed code and software control various complex machinery used to custom design other parts.

How Does CNC Machining Work?

At the core, CNC machining is primarily about utilizing digitized and pre-programmed instructions to monitor, control, and automate a machine’s functions. A computer runs the CNC machines, which automates, controls, and monitors the movement.

Types of CNC Machining

  1. CNC Mills
  2. CNC Lathe
  3. CNC Electric Discharge Machines
  4. CNC Plasma Cutter
  5. Water Jet Cutters

Applications of CNC Machining

  1. Rapid Tooling
  2. Rapid Prototyping
  3. End-Use Production

Types of CNC Machining Support Software

  1. Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  2. Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
  3. Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)

Importance of CNC Machining

  1. Higher efficiency
  2. Greater precision level
  3. Production safety
  4. More business profit
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