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Do you suffer from finding a good prototyping partner?
Stay with us! Our one stop prototyping solution makes life simple
  • Professional engineering/manufacturing team meets diversified requirementsProfessional engineering/manufacturing team meets diversified requirements● 4 manufacturing base, 30+ process engineers, 100+ staffs, 1M+ customized mockup made annually
    Suggestion or feedback based on DFM for design optimized can be submitted when/after prototyping ● Processing study to make sure optimized solution applied before trim One stop solution from machining, finish to assembly test
  • Fast response, be quick but do not hurryFast response, be quick but do not hurry Quick and flexible operation shorten the lead time
    12hours offer after RFQ received, 5days delivery, 7X24H operation
    Communication with listen well and better understanding makes right things first time
  • Raw material defined and certifiedRaw material defined and certified Plastic or metal raw material used based on product design exactly
    All kinds plastic, aluminum, steel, cooper, Zinc, Magnesium available
    Datasheet of material or COA can be provided
  • 100% inspected before shipping100% inspected before shipping FAI report for each part
    Zero complain chased
    8D report for any mistake and keep improving
More than prototyping
Our prototyping services
Mastars rapid CNC Machining prototype service
Rapid CNC machiningWe provide a variety of precision CNC machining services that includes milling, turning and surface grinding. Whether you’re designing parts that demand high volumes or only running trials with prototypes for low-volume production, our CNC machining services are available to avail you iterative development with quick turnaround and consistency in quality.
Vacuum casting
Vacuum castingVacuum casting, which is using a master prototype to make a silicone mould, and then produce the reproduction via pouring the material into the silicone mould. This tech is usually used for small batches production because the cost of the silicone mould is lower than the steel mould. Also, the production lead time of vacuum casting is shorter than other process.
Mastars 3D printing prototyping service<
3D printingWe can solve specific design or production challenges. If you want to explore how 3D printing can solve a specific design or production challenge our consultancy team is highly qualified to help. As engineers with over 20 years’ combined experience, we understand both the traditional manufacturing and additive manufacturing processes.
Mastars sheet metal prototyping
Sheet metal prototypingMastars is the premier prototype and short run service provider in the world. Fitted with the latest cutting edge technology, we are ready and equipped for nearly any task required by our customers. Whether you are looking for production intent sheet metal parts or one-off, mock-up style for fit & function, Mastars is your one-stop shop for prototypes, assemblies and short-run services. 
Mastars prototyping tooling
Rapid prototyping toolingRapid prototype tooling can be a cost-effective solution when it comes to creating complex and sophisticated moulds. Our prototype tooling service is a great opportunity for you to test the functionality of a component in low volumes.
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