• "Excellence" has always been our four-word enterprise work style, through the flow chart, control plan, PFMEA, inspection instructions and other routine quality control. MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and Kingdee ERP system manage and control the entire process of production and finance, and promote efficient and scientific enterprise management.

    Data is truth! How about production quality? Use data to speak for itself. We use the industry's leading testing equipment and technology, from the hand plate manufacturing, until the mass production delivery, control every link in the production process, in order to make each production link timely qualified standards, the whole production process can proceed smoothly, in general, this not only guarantees the high qualified rate of products, but also let the production cycle shorten, greatly reduce the time cost.

  • For industrial production, the use of a variety of advanced detection technology for the whole process of production inspection, monitoring, dimensional tolerance detection of products, to ensure efficient production, ensure product quality, improve the qualified rate of products, reduce energy and raw material consumption, improve the labor productivity and economic benefits of enterprises is essential.

    Our testing center has advanced and comprehensive testing equipment such as GOM ATOS III TRIPLE Scan blue ray 3D scanner (Germany), Hexagon coordinate measuring instrument (Sweden), 2.5-dimension automatic image measuring instrument, Hitachi handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, TESA height meter (Switzerland) and Mitsuyochi Roughness Meter (Japan). Ensure that your product meets design and functional requirements.

Testing equipment

01German GOM ATOS III TRIPLE Scan Blu-ray 3D scanner

German GOM ATOS III Triple Scan three-dimensional scanner (high-order optical non-contact three-dimensional scanner) is mainly composed of grating projection equipment and two industrial CCD lenses, its principle is just like two pairs of human eyes, by grating projection on the surface of the object to be measured, and with the thickness change and displacement, The digital image captured by CCD lens is processed by computer, and the 3D scanning appearance of the object to be measured can be known.

德国 蓝光3D扫描仪
02Swedish Hexagon Classic SR 7107 series three coordinate measuring machine

Sweden Hexagon Classic SR series three coordinate measuring machine, the latest generation of high performance movable bridge measuring machine, high stability, high precision, high efficiency measurement system, can quickly and effectively complete the universal detection needs. Support high speed, high precision simulation of open loop and closed loop scanning. It is also equipped with PC-DMIS, which is recognized by the industry as the most powerful general-purpose measurement software.

Swedish Hexagon Classic SR 7107 series three coordinate measuring machine
03Wanhao VMS-4030H 2.5 dimensional automatic image measuring instrument

Melco VMS-4030H 2.5 dimensional automatic image measuring instrument, it is mainly applicable to all the application fields for the purpose of two coordinate measurement, in machinery, electronics, plastic, mold, metal manufacturing and other industries; It integrates optical, mechanical, electrical and computer image technology. Through high precision lens imaging, it can carry out microscopic detection of precision parts, effectively measure the contour and surface shape size, Angle and position of a variety of complex workpiece, and convert the measurement into statistics and charts. Measurement accuracy: 2.5+L/100 μm.

Wanhao VMS-4030H 2.5 dimensional automatic image measuring instrument
04TESA micro-hite600 height meter

TESA micro-hite600 height instrument, widely used in plastic, mold tooling, hardware manufacturing and other industries; It can be used to measure the inner dimension, outer dimension, height, depth or distance dimension of plane, parallel plane and cylindrical geometry. At the same time can be one-dimensional or two-dimensional measurement; Especially for height, depth can be measured quickly, effectively and accurately. Accuracy (full length) : (2+3L) μm (L in m).

TESA micro-hite600 height meter
05Hitachi X-MET8000 handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

Hitachi X-MET8000 handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, it can perform fast alloy grade identification and a variety of materials (solid and powder metals, polymers, light elements (magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine) wood, solution, soil, ores, minerals, etc.) accurate chemical structure analysis required performance; Can provide you with reliable results.

Hitachi X-MET8000 handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
06Santoyo SJ-410 roughness meter

Sanfeng SJ-410 roughness instrument, brand from Japan's Sanfeng precision instrument equipment supplier. Also widely used in hardware manufacturing, tooling and other industries; Mainly used for measuring hardware products, plastic products and other surface roughness, also called finish. Measuring range: 800μm, resolution: 0.0001μm.

Santoyo SJ-410 roughness meter
07Nikon V-12B Profile Projector

Nikon V-12B profile projector, size, length, shape, profile magnification projection inspection, measurement, comparison, photography, list record, accuracy 0.0002mm.

Nikon V-12B Profile Projector