Plastic extrusion

We specializes in developing custom extrusions to match your needs. We can take you from prototype lengths to production volumes. Our Fast-Track quote process allows us to get you a quick quote response. Multi-durometer and multi-color plastic extrusions are available.

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Our extrusion prototyping program can be quoted quickly from your 3D solid models or PDF files. First articles are available within 2-4 weeks.

Advantages of plastic extrusion services for product developers
Plastic extrusion
The structure of molding equipment is relatively simple and the equipment investment is low. Continuous production can produce any length of pipe, plate, bar, profile, film, cable and monofilament according to needs. Wide range of applications. The production efficiency is high, and the single unit output of the extruder is high. One extruder can process a variety of materials and products. The processed material does not produce phase transformation, and the forming process can usually be carried out at a lower temperature with less energy consumption. It is suitable for producing products with large difference in section size. The control system is relatively simple and the process control is very flexible. By controlling the extrusion stroke and using the same pair of dies, it is possible to obtain products of different sizes. In the case of small production batches, it can greatly reduce production costs. A low tooling cost is another advantage.
Advantages of Mastars: Our Extrusion Prototyping Program can be quoted quickly from your 3D Solid models or PDF files. First articles are available within 2-4 weeks.

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