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Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting, which is using a master prototype to make a silicone mould, and then produce the reproduction via pouring the material into the silicone mould. This tech is usually used for small batches production because the cost of the silicone mould is lower than the steel mould. Also, the production lead time of vacuum casting is shorter than other process, such as CNC machining and injection moulding. Low cost and fast production, that’s why vacuum casting products with better market competitiveness.

Investment casting or vacuum casting has several advantages to the prototype producing industries. Here are some of them:

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Mastars vacuum casting technical specifications
Standard lead time Up to 10 copies within 15 working days
Standard accuracy ±0.3% (with a lower limit on ± 0.3 mm on dimensions smaller than 100 mm)
Minimum wall thickness To ensure that the mold is filled properly, a wall thickness of at least 0.75 mm is necessary. For best results, we recommend a wall thickness of at least 1.5 mm
Maximum part dimensions The size of the mold is limited by the dimensions of the vacuum chamber (1900 x 900 x 750 mm) and by the volume of the product (maximum volume: 10 liters)
Typical quantities Up to 25 copies per mold (depending on the mold’s complexity and the casting materials)
Surface structure High-quality surface finish comparable to injection molding
Advantages of vacuum casting services for product developers
Mastars vacuum casting prototyping service
Low cost, the prototyping industry often uses silicone vacuum casting to replicate small batches. The silicone mold can reproduce 10-20 pieces of the same prototype product within the life of the mold. Superior and smooth surface finishing. Fast speed, general production time: 1-4 hours/piece. Standard reproduction accuracy of the vacuum casting prototype: ±0.20mm/100mm. According to customer requirements, products with beautiful appearance can be made in different colors. It is suitable for prototype with complex product structure, uniform wall thickness and certain functional requirements. Good reproducibility of product processing. Ability to produce large parts.

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