Mastars R&D strength

With 14 years of innovation, the company has been growing steadily. The development of new products is the key content of the company's research and development, as well as one of the strategic core of the company's survival and development. We always adhere to the concept of building new products based on customer needs. In the unit of project team, flexible cross-functional team to implement new product development.

Design strength
Design strength

Focus on customer needs

With the Integrated Product Development (IPD) model, we work together, focus on customer needs, put customer needs and development as well as fierce competition in the market in the first place, and integrate technology and customer perception into the PDI executive team. Both product Manager and Project Manager have Project Management Professional Certification (PMP), with rich theoretical and practical experience. With NPI (New Product Introduction) engineers and dozens of professional and technical personnel together, every year in new products, new process, new system digging, formed the United States with run unique R & D atmosphere.

Design strength

Establish product development system

We establish a clear plan to take the product from concept to final product form. Communicate effectively throughout the team so that the prototyping, product design, engineering, and manufacturing phases run as smoothly as possible. Manage the product concept itself carefully along the way, and oversee each step between the design phase and the first manufacturing run, with frequent evaluations at different stages to ensure the project is moving in the right direction. Follow proper methods to capture the customer's voice and pursue high efficiency directly in place. The company invests heavily in each research and development project every year.

R & D goals

Rapid market

You can seamlessly transition from one development step to the next without pausing to do more preparatory work

Reduce cost

The team will waste fewer materials and other valuable resources on unnecessary prototypes or redesigns

Higher quality products

Each stage of product formation is strictly controlled. Design defects or other problems of products are faced and solved one by one in this process, and there is no accumulated legacy problems

Smoother manufacturing

Making manufacturing easier reduces the likelihood of redesigning products when they need to be built. Does the team know exactly how to create a product that is easy to do in large scale or small scale manufacturing

Qualification Certificate

Qualification certificate