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Injection molding

Mastars has earned a reputation for being able to handle all projects, custom insert molding, and other complicated projects much faster than with traditional tooling, often helping our clients get to market shortly.

We work very closely with your injection molding project requirements
  • Stock materials Stock materials We also stock common resins for fastest possible delivery
  • Special materials Special materials We can source any commercially available material for client requirements in the appropriate volume
  • Customer supplied materials Customer supplied materials Customers with proprietary materials or those who wish to supply the material from their source may arrange for us to produce parts from their materials
In-House mold design & production – injection molds built at our facility
Rapid CNC Machining
Mastars factory is able to run 7 days a week to further shorten delivery times Our molds are cut to the customer’s data and specified material, including the manufacturer’s specified shrink rate. Mold tolerances are typically +/- 0.003” Mastars is equipped advanced electric injection molding equipment, delivering 45 to 1200 tons of pressure
Advantages of injection molding services for product developers
Injection molding
Suitable for the production of complex precision products with small tolerances. Choose freely from a variety of materials, there are a large number of plastic materials available for the plastic injection molding process, these materials are available in color matching or master batch coloring. An automated process to reduce manufacturing costs, injection molding is an automated process. In fact, most injection molding processes are performed using machines and robots. High mold cost but low cost per piece. Suitable for mass production. High surface precision and good finishing. Fast production speed: 30-60s/pc. Scrap can be recycled. Advantages of Mastars: Optimize customer product design and reduce assembly processes without affecting customer functions. Optimize products and reduce product manufacturing costs (material costs, time costs).
Analyze product problems and provide solutions.Injection molding machine: 37 sets of 20T-400T, to meet various production requirements.
More than 20 years of rich experience in the industry.
Have a strong engineering design and project team.
Various complete post-surface treatment processes fully meet product appearance and surface performance requirements.
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