Metal stamping

Years of experience with contract stamping projects a wide range of industries have honed our skills to provide you with the toughest components needed for your project. Our fully equipped facility and experienced staff use progressive and compound tools, either built in-house or customer supplied, for contract stamping projects. We turn out close-tolerance, complex parts, delivered to print specifications within pre-defined time frames. Our commitment to customer service will ensure your continued business success as well. The proof is in the final product.

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Here’s Mastars precision metal stamping capabilities
Electrical contacts, stamped Miniature and micro-miniature electrical contacts
Wide variety of alloys, including precious metals
Able to hold very tight tolerances
Medical and defense industry
Circuit board stamping Flexible
Complex stampings .003” foil to .250” thick
Progressive and compound tools a specialty
Creep feed grinding Finished parts in a single pass
Excellent for pre-hardened materials
Supplementary operations To offer the best possible lead times we have in-house capabilities to provide: Cleaning
Vibratory deburring
Materials We are experienced with a wide variety of materials and will work with customer supplied materials when needed. We commonly run: Aluminum
Beryllium copper
Stainless steel
Exotics including platinum, gold, others
Engineering AutoCAD
Advantages of metal stamping services for product developers
Metal stamping
Stamping processing has high production efficiency and can be processed continuously.  The operation process is convenient, does not require high processing technology like turning. Stamping generally has no chip and scrap generation, and the cost of stamping parts is low. Under the condition of mass production, the cost of stamping parts is low. Various parts and products with large size range and complex shape that are difficult to be processed by other processing processes can be obtained. The stamped parts generally do not need further machining and have high dimensional accuracy.  Stamping parts have good interchangeability. The stability of stamping processing is good.  Good surface quality, which provides convenient conditions for finishing processes (such as plating, painting, etc.). Stamping processing can obtain parts with high strength, high stiffness and light weight under the condition of low cost.

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