Solution for Medical and health parts

The global medical industry is coming to a new period,but at the same time, it is also facing more and more rigorous challenge.
● Aging of people,raising of medical cost,unstable status from COVID-19.
● The expensive medical expenditure and non all providing of high medical technology are becoming the pain of life all over the world.
Mastars produces mecical instrument,components with eligible quality and requirement to solve the big problems of weak production capacity and difficult purchasing for medical components.
Mastars devotes development and producing the below mecical productions and provice solucion&service to our customer.

  • Solution for Medical and health parts
  • Solution for Medical and health parts
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The components of medical instrument
01. The components of medical instrumentPresicion plastic and metal components—all sorts of metel,plastic medical material approved by FDA and USPVI and produce by ejection, extrusion,CNC,3D printing and ect for prototype and production. This cup is for analysis device,medical PC and ABS raw material,exact tolerance,perfect surface requirement,total in 4 sets plastic moulds and assemble by Mastars.
02. The medical instrument

Mastars is keeping eyes on medical industry and our engineer ventures to mention”If”,we practice and get the solution for our customer to achieve high-efficiency of medical technology.

  • Endoscopic PliersEndoscopic PliersThis endoscopic pliers is made of 6 sets platic ejection mould,the raw material are medical PC and PA6,there are 3 different size and 4 colors,after raw material ordering,ejection,assembly,cleaning at bioclean workshop.
  • Nasal IrrigatorNasal IrrigatorThis Nasal irrigator is made of 13 sets ejection mould,the raw material are medical ABS,PP,PC,It is suitable for adalt and child.It is easy into sinuses area for cleaning,our customer gets a big sale for this production due to high quality ,perfect fitting and easy useful of it,it brings lots of benefit to rhinitis patients.
03. Medical consumables

Mastars produces all kinds of medical consumables,syringe, vacuum blood collection tube,reagent tube,reagent box for COVID-19.our production capacity is over 500K each month,we also can make copies mould to improve our production lead time and huge quantity .

  • Medical consumables
  • Medical consumables
  • Medical consumables
  • Medical consumables
  • Medical consumables
  • Medical consumables
 Physiotherapy, rehabilitation equipment and products
04. Physiotherapy, rehabilitation equipment and productsThis pulse physiotherapy kneepad can be conductive and pulse,it is including kneepad and has acupoint area on the both side . This production has been involved electromagnetism pulse,there is mesh fabric on the cushion of kneepad and the ring of electromagnetism pulse into the mesh fabric.
05. Out-of-medical diagnosis and treatment equipment

Seer Sense® is a revolutionary wireless brain and heart monitoring wearable that takes gold standard epilepsy diagnostics out of the hospital and into the home for a week.

It delivers a step change in patient comfort and freedom while empowering doctors with the data. they need to make a conclusive diagnosis.

The part of the wireless device that touches the human body is made by soft silicone, it can be fits snugly across your shoulder and fits all shapes and sizes. The EEG connector is magnetically attached to the head to improve signal quality. This allows the user to effortlessly disconnect the electronic device that can shower and feel free. In the past, treatment techniques have required patients to stay in bed for at least a week for doctors to get the data to carry out treatment. Seer's new wearable device can monitor a patient's data at any time, allowing specialists to analyze the data and control the patient before they develop symptoms. This innovative medical could lead to better care and more comfort for millions of people with epilepsy. Sophisticated design belies technological complexity, making brain and heart monitoring less of a threat to patients. This is a great design.

Mastars is proud that we joined develop and producing of this item,it is produced by 33 sets of mould including plastic ejection,die casting,sheet metal,MIM and we completely solve the designing,producing,assembly for all parts.

  • Out-of-medical diagnosis and treatment equipment
  • Out-of-medical diagnosis and treatment equipment
  • Out-of-medical diagnosis and treatment equipment

Mastars experienced staff has a wealth of first-hand experience to meet the needs of
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