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Tool making is part of Mastars vertically integrated offering, which means you can benefit from our extensive knowledge and understanding of the production and assembly process.

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In-House tooling design

Our plastic injection tooling making engineers have a full checklist they utilize for every tool design and tool build. We are able to manufacture P20 or H13 steel tools at 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of aluminum tools in the other countries. 

Therefore, in an effort to better serve our customers and deliver a better product we have begun to exclusively build steel tools in global. Utilizing a more efficient system it allows us to manufacture a steel tool in the same timeframe as an aluminum tool, while providing a better finished product at a lower cost.

Advantages of injection tooling services for product developers
Mastars CNC machining
Suitable for the production of complex and precise parts with precise dimensions. Good product consistency. Suitable for producing thin-walled parts with complex shapes. High mold cost but low cost per piece. Suitable for mass production. High surface precision and good finishing. Fast production speed: 30-60s/pc. Advantages of Mastars: Optimize customer product design and reduce assembly processes without affecting customer functions. Optimize products and reduce product manufacturing costs (material costs, time costs). Analyze product problems and provide solutions.
Injection molding machine: 37 sets of 20T-400T, to meet various production requirements.
The qualified rate of T1 is more than 90%.
More than 80 precision CNC machining centers to ensure output and high precision.
With the world's advanced German HERMLE C22, C42 and C62 5-axis CNC machining centers, the workpiece quality can reach 2500 kg, and can produce top turning and milling products.
More than 20 years of rich experience in the industry.
Have a strong engineering design and project team.
Various complete post-surface treatment processes fully meet product appearance and surface performance requirements.

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