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Top 6 Benefits of Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing

Rapid prototyping is a modeling technique that can speed up and improve new product development. Manufacturers, component suppliers and product designers use computer-aided design tools and rapid prototyping techniques such as three-dimensional printing or CNC to create physical scale models of products for analysis and future production tooling reference.

Advanced practices have numerous benefits for product design and manufacturing companies. We listed six reasons why a business should consider rapid prototyping for product design and how it can help in the industry.

Time Savings

Rapid prototyping is rapid for a reason.

By eliminating the time needed to produce molds, patterns and special tools required for conventional modeling, rapid prototyping reduces the time between initial design and analysis. An accurate model is quickly available for testing form, features, performance and usability. Rapid prototyping is a highly automated process that enables designers to quickly modify products in line with feedback. The time savings can help organizations gain a competitive advantage by bringing new products to market quickly, ahead of competitors.

Cost Reduction

Rapid prototyping helps to reduce the costs of product development. CNC machines and 3D printers can utilize different materials to make a physical model. There is no need to develop special tools for each new product. Rapid prototyping uses the same CAD and printing equipment each time. Additionally, CNC machining and 3D printing are based on the CAD model, which performs at high levels of precision, thereby avoiding mistakes and wasted resources.

With 3D printing and digital manufacturing, it’s easier now than ever before to create multiple iterations of your product. These methods require no tooling and can be used to create even just a single model without having to worry about overhead costs. This is a great advantage for inventors, who can now make a single prototype, test it, modify it, and create the next iteration quickly and efficiently. As rapid manufacturing technologies continue to progress, the variety of materials continues to expand, and the cost of production keeps going down. Innovators can now easily create prototypes from the same or similar materials that they would use in final production.

Easier Visualization

The ability to create a realistic three-dimensional scale model helps designers present new product concepts to stakeholders, such as board members, clients or investors who need to understand and approve the development program. Designers can also gain feedback from potential users and customers that are based on physical products, rather than concepts, enabling them to incorporate realistic usability data into the later stages of development.

Don’t wait until you’ve started tooling before you have something to show your investors. Share with them directly, right from the start. Demonstrate your design and communicate the marketability of your product in a way they can see and touch. With high-resolution rapid prototyping in a variety of colors and materials, you can build a market for your product before beginning production. 3D printing technologies like SLA and SLS allow for extremely detailed and fine surface finishes, meaning you can create beautiful models with little to no post-processing.

Functional Prototypes

Sometimes, inventions don’t work exactly as planned. Test your new product to ensure the design is right before full production. With our rapid prototyping services, you can test out the form, fit, and function of parts with a highly accurate and durable working prototype. By prototyping with production-grade materials, you can rigorously test your product to ensure it can tolerate the kinds of environments consumers will subject it to. 

Functional rapid prototyping prevents costly mistakes down the road. Create robust prototypes from the same tough materials used in final production. Make sure your design can take whatever you throw at it before beginning production.

Lower Risk

By enabling detailed physical analysis at an early stage in the development program, rapid prototyping can reduce the risk of costly errors. The development team can identify design faults or usability problems and make any modifications quickly. The iterative process provides a precise model for production tooling, reducing the risk of later manufacturing problems.

Support for Customization

Rapid prototyping is an iterative process, so it is easy to incorporate individual customers’ requirements and create customized products cost-effectively. Development teams do not have to design each customized product from scratch. Customization can provide a strong competitive advantage by offering customers greater choice and flexibility.

Rapid prototyping is used across all industries, from automotive manufacturing to toy and prop design. Communicate your idea to clients and investors, fix design issues early in development, and smooth out any wrinkles before entering full-blown production. 

There are a number of applications for this technology, depending on the stage of development and the current needs of the project. 

Our rapid prototypes services

With the wide array of benefits of rapid prototypes, it might be wise to use rapid prototype service. We have a variety of rapid prototypes solution for different material parts.

  • CNC machining in a wide range of polymers including ABS, ABS-PC blend, Nylon-filled and unfilled, PMMA, POM, PP, PEEK & ULTEM. Visually clear parts can be made in ABS, PC & PMMA and these can also be tinted.
  • CNC machining is the most generally available metal. We have also manufactured highly complex metal prototypes using a combination of CNC/spark erosion/wire cutting/laser cutting.
  • Prototype/low volume injection mold tooling and parts.
  • Prototype/low volume pressure die casting tooling and parts.
  • Vacuum casting in a wide range of plastic and rubber-like polyurethanes.
  • SLA
  • SLS

With our experienced staff, finishing services, and quality inspection, you’ll get good quality parts at a good price. Please contact us at now for a free quotation within 24 hours.

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