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Mastars Industries Co., Ltd stepping up to help fight COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full bloom, most residents and companies are doing what is being asked of them -staying distant, staying safe and staying home. However, for some businesses, doing what is asked of them means staying open and running an active role during the situation. Mastars Industries Co., Ltd is one such company.

Metal injection molding is one of our advantage. Our moldings are used by many of the world’s largest medical device, defense and industrial companies. Mastars is Founded in 2000s, CEO Cary. Xu said the company was asked to stay open by its clients, and they willingly agreed to do so.

In last month, Robert Lemay – Molding Manager said “When we need something as simple as this, a face mask, and they can’t get any, that’s pretty bad.” With the surge of cases growing daily, critical equipment—from protective gear for health-care professionals and other essential workers to testing kits and ventilators for patients—is in extremely short supply.

Mastars is ready to assist where needed to combat this Covid-19 virus. We are willing to assist in any way needed for the healthcare industry if there are items needed that require manufacturing.

Fast response to a help request

Mastars was first contacted about the matter at the end of in March, When the client from UK, the company manufacturing face mark protective equipment and delivering the final product, asked Mastars Sales for help. The client explained that there was an immediate need for a rapid increase in the production capacity of face mask. Mastars was ready to act at once. As a result, the whole process from client’s request for help to Mastars programming its face mask injection molding and running a successful test run was only 10 days.

Mastars is increasing its capacity againAccording to last case, lots of companies involve in the production of medical face masks are vital when it comes to meeting from the Finnish hospitals. In the middle of April, Mastars will start making more face mask molds that will further increase production capacity.

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