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Plastic Injection Molding

Mastars Plastic Injection molding Service

Mastars has earned a reputation for being able to handle all projects, custom insert molding, and other complicated projects much faster than with traditional tooling, often helping our clients get to market shortly.

Plastic Injection Molding

  • Sample parts are included with each new tooling order for customer review
  • No Minimum Quantity – Injection molds are our specialty
  • Fast and competitively priced Engineering Changes allow us to react very quickly to design updates and to test multiple concepts
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We Work Very Closely With Your Injection Molding Project Requirements

  • Stock Materials – We also stock common resins for fastest possible delivery
  • Special Materials – We can source any commercially available material for client requirements in the appropriate volume
  • Customer Supplied Materials – Customers with proprietary materials or those who wish to supply the material from their source may arrange for us to produce parts from their materials
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In-House Mold Design & Production – Injection Molds Built at our Facility

  • Mastars factory is able to run 7 days a week to further shorten delivery times
  • Our molds are cut to the customer’s data and specified material, including the manufacturer’s specified shrink rate. Mold tolerances are typically +/- 0.003”
  • Mastars is equipped advanced electric injection molding equipment, delivering 45 to  1200 tons of pressure
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Mastars Products Wall

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Injection Molding Relevant Industries


The automotive industry represents a large part of the customer base and we believe to provide the highest quality solution for our customers.


Best technology and superb technology combine to bring your product to market quickly and economically


Marstars works with leading lighting industry to custom the light housing.

Further Reading of Injection Molding

Ultimate Guide to Plastic Molding 2021

Plastic molding is the process by which plastics in various forms (powders, granules, solutions, and dispersions) are made into products or blanks of the desired shape.

Commonly Used Injection Molding Materials You Can Choose

Mastars can offer a complete service for components and sub-assemblies manufactured in engineering polymers, all on one site.

Popular FAQs About Injection Molding

What is Injection Molding

A manufacturing process that produces a large volume of parts is injection molding. Mass-production processes usually use these mechanisms where parts are manufactured thousands or millions of times over.

Benefits of Injection Molding

  1. Parts needing mass production
  2. Plastic materials create less waste
  3. Complex parts can be produced
  4. Long-term cost savings
  5. Due to highly repeatable processes, consistency is assured

What Aspects You Need to Consider for Injection Molding

  1. Think about the Cost – You’ll need a substantial initial investment, and the amount of parts you intend to manufacture will also affect the price highly
  2. Take into account the design – Make sure the mold tool is designed well so that production errors won’t occur
  3. Produce efficiently – minimize cycle times and ensure your part doesn’t require too much assembly.

Main Steps of Injection Molding

  1. Melt material
  2. A mold is filled with the molten material
  3. Let the molten material cool to a solid state
  4. The hardened material should be removed from the mold.

Common Plastic Materials Used in Injection Molding

  1. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
  2. Polycarbonates
  3. Nylon​​
  4. Polypropylene
  5. Polyethylene
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