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Aluminum Extrusion Service

Mastars Aluminum Extrusion Service

For high-quality custom aluminum extrusions, Roller Die + Forming is the ideal company to turn to. Mastars offers a wide range of aluminum extrusion services, including piercing, bending, welding, and notching. Our experts can also help with standard, custom shapes, and designs. Currently, we provide aluminum fabricated components and extruded aluminum products to various businesses and industries.

In addition, depending on the alloy type, aluminum alloys can be up to 2.5 times lighter than their steel counterpart. These properties make aluminum hard alloy extrusions the most attractive choice for aerospace, commercial, and military applications.

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Our Aluminum Extrusion Capabilities

We extrude 6000-series aluminum alloy to produce standard and custom profiles to meet the exact needs of our customers. Our wide range of aluminum extrusion capabilities allows us to serve a diverse OEM customer base.

  • 6000-series aluminum alloys
  • Standard and custom profiles
  • Multiple direct extrusion presses
  • Closed loop extrusion speed controls
  • Weight-per-foot range of 0.033 to 8 lbs & Circle size up to 8 inches
  • Extrusion recipe system setting
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In-House Aluminum Extrusion Built at our Facility

  • Mastars factory is able to run 7 days a week to further shorten delivery times
  • Mastars is to deliver the complete extrusion solution for your business. Whatever processes you need, from fabrication to finishing, we’ve got you covered. And once your component’s complete, we’ll arrange the delivery or a custom stock holding arrangement – whatever suits you best.
  • What’s more, we can work with you on an ongoing basis to come up with innovative, time-saving, and cost-effective solutions that will keep your business a step ahead of the competition.
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Mastars Products Wall

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Popular FAQs About Aluminum Extrusion

What is Aluminum Extrusion

During aluminum extrusion, aluminum material is forced into the shape of the die, forcing it to flow. Aluminum is extruded in this way to produce an elongated, rectangular piece with a continuous cross-sectional profile, which can be very intricate and detailed.

How Does Aluminum Extrusion Work

There are two ways to extrude aluminum: by hot extrusion or by cold extrusion. Both methods have their advantages. With hot extrusion, aluminum can be injected into the die rapidly and at a low pressure, while cold extrusion is able to produce parts that have a good surface finish and are resistant to oxidation.

Finishing Options for Aluminum Extrusions

  1. Basic mechanical finishing: Some aluminum extrusions can have their surface quality adjusted by buffing, bead blasting, or grinding before receiving another surface finish.
  2. Anodization: Anodizing aluminum extrusions gives them a scratch- and corrosion-resistant coat that is highly aesthetic.
  3. Painting: Painting is a simple and effective way to change the appearance and color of aluminum extrusions., and enables gloss or matte finish
  4. Powder coating: A powder coating offers comparable chemical resistance and quality to anodizing, and can be applied to metal parts.
  5. Silk-screen printing: Silk-screen printing is an inexpensive way to add text and logos to aluminum extrusions.
  6. Laser engraving: Using laser engraving, you can engrave details including text on an extrusion, and it won’t scratch. This makes it useful for essential information like part serial numbers.

What Kinds of Shapes Can be Extruded?

  1. Solid, without any enclosed voids or openings
  2. Hollow, with at least one void
  3. Partially enclosed, semi-hollow structure

Common Applications of Aluminum Extrusion

In aircraft, the food industry, heavy industry, and other industries, aluminum extrusions are used. Heatsinks, track profiles, and frame profiles are some examples of aluminum extrusions.

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