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Mastars works with leading lighting industry to custom the light housing. Mastars’s experienced engineers assisted the customer in finalizing the light housing design, as well as the design and fabrication of custom modular tooling in our facility. Utilizing an advanced 50-600 ton injection molding machine and modular 1 cavity mold, the step light housings were fabricated with a highly developed thermoset injection molding process.

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At Mastars, simply upload your 3D models and our platform provides instant feedback on pricing, lead times, and the best processes to make your custom parts. You can explore various materials and manufacturing processes and compare prices in real-time.
Mastars delivers guaranteed high quality parts at low prices and competitive lead times. With high-precision industrial manufacturing, and a variety of available finishes on solid metal or plastic parts, Mastars guarantees your custom parts will be built to your specifications.

lighting industry 2
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